Relic Estate

Relic believes in doing estate management / liquidation different than any other company around.

We believe that the items you or your loved ones have collected over a lifetime should be treated with respect and end up in the hands of someone who appreciates it as much as the previous owner. 

How they do it:

  • In most cases, estate liquidation companies will buy out the contents of the home for pennies on the dollar with little or no benefit to the homeowner. Not Us!!! 
  • In other cases, companies charge a large fee for the marketing and selling of the items and take 60-70% of the sale value. Not Us!!! 
  • Quick Sale - Three Day Tag Sale or Limited on-line Auction... Not Us!!!

How Relic Does It:

  • Relic does not believe in fire-selling items that have taken a lifetime to collect! We believe in marketing the items to the proper buyer after research has been conducted.
  • We are the only estate liquidation / management company around that utilizes a store front in Strongsville, Ohio to showcase the unique / desirable items.
  • The Relic team will research the contents of the estate and proceed to sell the item by way of store front, personal relationship with collectors, online auction or Relic Home Furnishings e-commerce web page.
  • Where other companies sell items quick for quick profit - Relic takes time to maximize the profit for the homeowner. Relic does 3, 6 and 12 month contracts.
  • In addition, one of our biggest value adds is... leave the mess to us. No need to clean and prepare the home for sale. Relic will clean and get the home ready for market.

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